Complex software/hardware systems are built on top of high number of constantly evolving technologies. In order to test such systems it is necessary to master both technologies used for system development and additional testing technologies.

Here are some examples of technologies used by our team:

  • Design for Testability
  • Fault Model based test development
  • Advanced Test Generation - including pseudorandom testing
  • Signature Analyzers for hardware output response analysis
  • Log Analysis
    • Events/rules based log analysis with scripting based complex rules
    • SQL based queries on log stored in data base
    • Statistical Log analysis
  • Portable software development - in most cases our tools provide the same look and feel on different platforms (Windows, Unix, Mac OS, Linux, AIX, Solaris, Irix, etc...)
  • Embeddable HTTP Server and Data Bases used by lightweight testing tools
  • Clustering of numerous computers for parallel execution of automatic tests
  • Data Encryption for sensitive information handling and remote access
  • .NET platform for advanced software development
  • GUI Monitoring and Control for test automation of application without special testing APIs
  • JTAG interface for integration with hardware diagnostics infrastructure
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