Our Approach

About 50% of all the High-Tech activity is testing.

In order to be cost effective, all the testing tasks should be correctly managed and supported by best possible tools.

Elbrus custom designed advanced testing tools are used for development testing, manufacturing and field service.

Our solutions are based on dozens of man-years of test automation experience and Elbrus Testing Toolkit.

Elbrus Testing Toolkit (ETT)

ETT combines numerous reusable software modules used for rapid development of automated testing tools by Elbrus team.

Usage of elaborated packages for standard testing tasks allows resource concentration on customer specific issues - providing fine-tuned state of the art solutions.

Most of ETT modules are portable and may be used on Windows, Unix, Mac OS, Linux, AIX, Solaris, Irix and other platforms.

ETT includes DICOM Toolkit for testing of medical imaging applications.

ETT based custom solutions fully match specific project requirements - by contrast to low level off-the-shelf tools that require significant development and integration effort and provide only partial solutions.

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