GUI Testing


Elbrus GUI Testing Solutions were developed for the cases when off-the-shelf GUI testing tools can't be effectively used. Their light weight installation, great price/performance ratio and flexibility of general purpose scripting languages (Tcl/Tk, Perl, etc.) provide clear advantage when GUI is used for automated application control.


Elbrus Testing Toolkit includes the following GUI modules:

  • Elbrus GUI driver for UNIX (X-windows)
  • X-windows activity monitoring
  • Mouse/keyboard events generation
  • GUI object definitions db for high-level testing
  • Supports X-server on Windows platform
  • GUI spy and event generator for Windows
  • GUI driver layer based on off-the shelf tools (like WinRunner/Xrunner)

Applications and integration with other tools

Elbrus GUI control module proved its cost effectiveness in the following applications:

  • Manufacturing/field service solutions that require tools installation on each system
  • Mostly API based testing with small number of GUI controls
  • Application usability analysis based on GUI monitoring tools

GUI control module may be called by TCC test scenarios, its output may be post processed by Log Analyzer - as one of the System Monitor checks and may be included in problem report generated by Bugrep. Bugview tool may show saved screenshot or replay GUI tracing data with System Monitor in off-line mode.

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