Log Analyzers


Many software/hardware systems have overcomplicated log files, which may be transformed into readable form by ETT Log Analysis modules. Even if the system has very informative logs, troubleshooting may require routine analysis of numerous files with many data records. Automated log analysis minimizes needed effort by focusing user on specific events and time intervals.


Elbrus Log Analysis implementation based on multiple projects experience and has advanced features necessary for troubleshooting of complex systems:

  • Events/rules based
  • Scripting based complex rules
  • One-path analysis of all the rules
  • High performance with large data volumes
  • Multi-file analysis
  • Statistical analysis

Applications and integration with other tools

ETT Log Analysis modules are used for:

  • Automated system troubleshooting
  • Log based pass/fail criteria for automatic testing
  • Automation of bug report analysis
  • Generation of special service/manufacturing log based on numerous data sources
  • Predictive log analysis in order to detect failure before system is down
  • System performance analysis

Well defined application programming interface allows full integration of log analysis modules with other testing and service tools like:

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