Internet Based Reporting Demo

This demo simulates status reporting from five remote systems installed at different locations. Every system sends an e-mail message with its current status to our server. The server automatically processes the incoming messages, archives them and builds a graphical representation of the data.

Current systems' status:

System 1 - 100100100  100
System 2 - 363636  36
System 3 - 232323  23
System 4 - 181818  18
System 5 - 444444  44

To simulate a remote system status report send an e-mail message to

The message body should contain the following:

system n status


system n error

where n is the system number (from 1 to 5), and status is the system status (from 0 to 100, may represent system's current performance level).

Example: the status of system number 4 is 75. Send:

system 4 75

There was an error in system number 2. Send:

system 2 error

The subject of the message can contain any miscellaneous information.

After the message is received by the server, the status is updated and reflects the current systems' status.

To see the updated status, click the "Reload" button of your browser.

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