Bugview - Problem Report Viewer


Problem report generated by Bugrep is archive file that contains numerous data files in different formats. Its analysis requires extraction of different files, converting them to readable/visible form and complicated troubleshooting. Doing it manually requires expertise, high concentration and takes significant time.


Elbrus team has developed a Bugview tool that automates some of troubleshooting activities.

Bugview is a Bugrep Data Explorer with Windows Explorer like user interface. Bug report contains many files in different formats. Bugview user interface organizes all the data according to logical categories. Integrated text and visual data viewers for different data formats provide one-click access to any type of information.

Bugview automatically analyzes problem report according to customizable rule set and reports found problems. Multi-file error analysis feature allows defining complex error as a combination of error statuses in different files. Bugview simplifies report analysis by automatically focusing user attention on subset of data files with found anomalies and by providing easy access to all the information.

Applications and integration with other tools

Bugview is used for problem report analysis on the local system or at Remote Service Center.

It uses Log Analyzer for automated troubleshooting.

Bugview can run System Monitor in "replay" mode on problem report data.

It can run System Integrity test on problem report data.

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