System Integrity Validation


Many system problems are caused by wrong software or hardware configuration - because of wrong installation, hardware or file system failure or software virus. Validation of software/hardware configuration is a must before system testing in development, during system manufacturing and field service.


Customizable System Integrity Check utility is used for validation of system software/hardware configuration. The utility provides recovery recommendation if problem is found.

Verification process is implemented in a number of stages. Each stage covers files with the same verification type and the same recovery recommendation. The following validation types may be used:

  • Permanent files check - files that do not change
  • Changeable files check - files that can change
  • Registry entries check for Windows platform
  • Custom software/hardware configuration check

Validation of the following file attributes is supported:

  • Ownership, timestamp and permissions
  • Check sum - for permanent files
  • Non empty/non 0 content - for changeable files

Applications and integration with other tools

System Integrity Utility is used for validation of system software/hardware configuration during formal testing, manufacturing and system troubleshooting in the field.

It is implemented as TCC scenario.

The tool can be run locally on the system by operator, by Remote Service and by Bugview on problem report created by Bugrep.

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