System Monitoring & Visualization


System testing and troubleshooting requires access to internal system data. In many complex systems nominal user interface doesn't show detailed internal state of the system. ETT System Monitoring and Visualization tools extend nominal GUI by providing additional system information in visual form.


In online operation mode the tools monitor system behavior according to custom rule set based on information provided in log and data files or accessible thru special test drivers and utilities. Fault operation in main subsystems will be reported in real time as warning or error according to problem severity. Compact user interface provides visualization of system operation (main state machines, CPU/Memory/Disk/Communication status and load, etc.) by color coded buttons that change their color and text according to the state. As in most other Elbrus tools, GUI elements provide at the same time data visualization and one-click access to additional info. Different forms of visualization are supported - error log viewers, system block diagrams, state machines, graphs, etc.

In offline (postmortem) mode System Monitoring and Visualization tools provide "replay" functionality with automatic analysis of log files, saved data files and bug reports. Advanced "replay" flow controls implement at system level functionality usually found in software debuggers - step by step execution, breakpoints, etc.

Applications and integration with other tools

System Monitor provides verification and visualization of system behavior during nominal operation or postmortem analysis.

It uses Log Analyzer for information extraction from log files.

System Monitor can replay system behavior when run from Bugview tool on saved problem report - on local system and at Remote Service Center.

It can create automatic problem report in online mode with Bugrep tool.

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