Test Control Center (TCC)


Software/Hardware test execution takes significant effort and should be supported by best possible tools. Execution of different automatic tests requires similar features from test environment. Using the same test environment for different automatic test and diagnostic procedures provides user with familiar look and feel and allows cost effective implementation of advanced features.


TCC is a common environment for automatic tests execution developed by Elbrus team. Generic framework provides high-level testing procedure model with well defined interface. Support of general purpose scripting languages (Tcl/Tk, Perl, etc...) allows rapid development of complicated testing applications.

TCC test procedures hierarchy consists of:

  • Stage - basic test case implementation
  • Scenario - sequence of stages, allows run execution control at stage level
  • Meta-scenario - linear or conditional sequence of scenarios

TCC Batch Manager allows dynamic control over test execution. Any scenario or meta-scenario may be loaded and any subset of stages may be chosen for test run. It is possible to configure new test execution on base of historical run results. "Complete previous run" feature automatically selects all the stages that failed or didn't run.

TCC Log Manager stores and organizes logs of all the runs for later analysis, completion and report generation.

TCC Test Results Analyzer supports conditional scenarios execution and integration with hyperlinked help/recommendations data base.

TCC Report Generator produces highly customizable printable report which may be needed for regulatory requirements.

TCC Graphical User Interface (GUI) provides the same look and feel for different tests. The same view is used for run visualization and stage selection.

TCC Command Line Mode supports running without GUI for easy integration with other tools. In some cases it is used for combination of advanced TCC features with custom user interface (including visual one).

TCC Client/Server and Remote Operation is intended for testing of distributed systems and remote diagnostics.

Applications and integration with other tools

TCC is used for automatic test running in development, manufacturing and field service.

It can run test scenarios created manually or by Elbrus Test Generators - including System Integrity test and Image Quality tests. Test results can be analyzed by Log Analyzer. TCC may be run in client/server mode by Remote Service infrastructure. TCC test scenario can create automatic problem report with Bugrep tool.

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