Bugrep - Problem Reporting Utility


Usually when problem is discovered during system testing, manufacturing or field operation, it can't be localized on the place and should be reported to developers or service experts. When problem happens, system state contains many useful hints regarding its origin, but this information is not accessible to most users and can't be reported without special tools.


Bugrep is a highly customizable problem reporting utility developed by Elbrus team. Bugrep utility saves all the relevant information about system state for postmortem/remote analysis. In many cases saved problem report is enough for system troubleshooting without a need for problem reproducing. Problem report generated by Bugrep utility contains numerous application log/data files, operation system information and output of different information utilities in order to describe current system status and previous operation, including:

  • Running processes and memory usage
  • Disk space usage
  • Network and communication statistics
  • System error/event logs
  • Configuration files
  • File listings in application and system folders for integrity checking
  • User description

Bugrep utility supports management of reports on the local disk (compression, clean-up) and export to external file and remote service center.

Bugview tool may be used for convenient access to all the Bugrep information.

Applications and integration with other tools

Bugrep is used in development, manufacturing and field service.

It supports saving reports on local system for postmortem troubleshooting and sending report to Remote Service Center.

Bugrep may create automatic problem report when run from TCC scenario, System Monitor or predictive Remote Service.

It creates report that may be analyzed with Bugview tool.

Bugrep can be initiated by Remote Service infrastructure.

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