Test Generation


Test sequence design for complex system is a very challenging problem. In many cases its development is based on tester's common sense and doesn't provide any coverage metrics.

The target of test generation is to find test sequence with optimized coverage for the same test duration. In most cases the best solution is based on combination of different basic test generation techniques.

Acceptable coverage for complex system may require very long testing sequences.


Elbrus Testing Toolkit includes number of test generation modules:

  • Pseudo-random
  • All pairs
  • Exhaustive
  • State-machine based
  • High-level model based

Test Generator GUI allows flexible definition of control parameters with look-up tables based value sets.

See additional information in technology section.

Applications and integration with other tools

Test sequences generated with Elbrus test generators are used at all the testing levels - from unit to system test, in manufacturing, for field service troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Test Generator creates test sequences that can be run by TCC test scenarios. TCC "complete run" feature supports long testing sequence generation while separating execution into number of sessions.

Test Sequence may be modified by Log Analyzer tool with special rules set - for example for including special sequences into pseudorandom test.

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